Saturday, December 8, 2012

Gift ideas #6? Or good idea for architecture students?

As I was doing some Christmas shopping on Etsy (for other people, not for me. I swear. Well, mostly for other people), I found Konokopia's store. Now here is a BRILLIANT architecture student. Instead of trashing models that were slaved over for hours upon hours, this guy is selling them.

Good job Maciek. I wish your store well! 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Gift ideas #5 (Write more thank you cards!)

Not sure why I think I can get anything done in the month of December. After all the work then there's Christmas shopping, decorating, cooking eating - I mean baking, family time and all that other December stuff. So, sorry for the irregularly scheduled postings.


Sort of a gift idea and sort of an advertisement for my Instacanvas gallery.

Greeting cards as gifts. Maybe I'm the only person who still likes to write letters. (Yes, I said 'write', not 'send emails'). But even if you're not a letter writer, you should be a thank you card giver. So. You'll need cards.

There. I said it.

Check out my gallery. :)